The Grand Strategy Game Crusader Kings 3 Releases This September

If you’ve been following the Crusader Kings franchise from the start, you know how deep these games are. They also improve with each slice. The first two payments received much praise, but many patiently waited for follow-up.

Fortunately, players wanting to get their hands on Crusader Kings 3 won’t have to wait much longer.

A new trailer has just been released, revealing a September 1 release date. Finally, the wait is almost over.The Grand Strategy Game Crusader Kings 3 Releases This September

The trailer also shows part of the dramatic story. It shows a baby born in royal royalty. The path to glory, however, will not be easy for your character. Deception is on every corner and it will be up to you to learn the ways to lead your empire to unprecedented heights.

The latest trailer ends with the aforementioned release date and confirmation that pre-orders are now available. If you weren’t excited about the great adventure that awaits you in Crusader Kings 3, you probably are now.

There are only a few months left, but already this game looks like a fantastic big strategy game with hours and hours of content to spare. Never before has the Middle Ages been described in such detail.